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2019- 2020 CTEEA Program of the Year and Teacher of the Year Information 

Wonderful things are happening in Technology/Engineering classrooms in Connecticut. CTEEA wants to recognize those individuals and groups who strive for excellence by providing their students with the best educational experiences. CTEEA/ITEEA Unified members qualify for consideration of these awards.

We are doing this through two award programs:  Teacher of the Year and Program of the Year. The top two finalists of Teacher of the Year will receive a free one year CTEEA /ITEEA Unified membership, and admission to the following year CTEEA conference.

The top two finalists of Program of the Year will receive a free one year CTEEA /ITEEA Unified membership, and admission to the following year CTEEA conference. The award recipient(s) will receive membership for up to 3 members of the department. 

CTEEA reserves the right to offer additional memberships in the category of Program of the Year due to extenuating circumstances. CTEEA also reserves the right to restrict or reduce offerings of recognition due to unforeseen circumstances or an interpretation contrary to the intent of the offerings. 

The recipients for the Teacher of the Year and Program of the Year awards will be eligible to submit an application to the ITEEA for consideration for their Teacher Excellent or the Program Excellence Awards. These awards will be presented at their annual conference. 

If you would like to recommend an individual or program for recognition, an invitation will be sent asking them to apply for an award. Please send the name and contact information of the nominated person or program to Gregory Kane, CTEEA Affiliate Representative, 27 Pitkin ST, Manchester, CT 06040, or to: gkane@aol.com.


I encourage you to apply for the awards without an invitation.  

All applications need to be submitted no later than Monday, October 22, 2019. The applications can be found at the CTEEA web site CTEEA.organd they are attached to this message. 

Applications are available to download from the CTEEA website, CTEEA.orgon the RECOGNITION page.


2018 -2019

CTEEA Awardees Recognized at the 2019 ITEEA Conference

Kansas City, MO

Darian High School



CTEEA now offers a Unified Membership with ITEEA. Along with a reduced membership cost to both organizations unified members enjoy the full benefits offered by ITEEA as well as CTEEA. Unified members are eligible to apply for CTEEA/ITEEA Teacher (middle and high school) or Program of the Year (middle and high school) and will be recognized at both the Annual CTEEA and ITEEA Conferences



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